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Meet B. Prescott Marine Construction...Bobby Prescott was born and raised on the shores of eastern North Carolina.  He began his career on the water as a commercial fisherman.  He then spent nearly 20 years managing and constructing two of the most successful marinas in the area. 

In 2007, Brandi (Bobby’s Daughter) and her husband Tyrone Robertson joined the family business. They, along with longtime employee Victor Covarrubias, spent the next several years learning the trade from Bobby.

A family owned and operated business, B. Prescott Marine Construction is dedicated to providing durable, state of the art marine structures.

Because of their years of experience working on the shores of North Carolina B. Prescott Marine Construction not only supplies you with the best, top quality marine construction in the area, but also the knowledge and local history of the many towns, developments, water depths, storms, etc. that might effect marine construction decisions you should make concerning your property.


B. Prescott Marine Construction has a “hands-on” approach to operating their business.

B. Prescott
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