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Q. Why is B. Prescott Marine Construction different?
A. B. Prescott Marine Construction is a full service marine construction company. We provide our clientele with complete construction services from dredging, permitting to the installation and repair of all waterfront structures including boathouses, docks, bulkheads, and boatlifts. We have lived here our entire lives and we know first hand the rivers and creeks and what works and what doesn’t.
Q. I heard you have to have a permit to build a dock. Is that true?
A. Yes. Permits must be obtained, from CAMA and from the County. B. Prescott Marine Construction will obtain those permits on your behalf. The CAMA Representative will come down and take a look at the request and for a residential dock, usually issue the permit at that time.
Q. I want a big dock with at least 10 slips. Can you get that permit for me next month?
A. A 10 slip marina will require a Major CAMA Permit. After the application for development and all supporting materials are submitted the permitting process takes approximately 90 days for approval.
Q. What kind of material do you use to build docks? And what kind of dock do you recommend?

In most cases, we recommend concrete docks. They are durable, sturdy, withstand storms better than wood docks and they look fantastic.

Q. How are the pilings installed? Do you wash them down?
A. We don’t wash down pilings, they will just come right back up after a while. We have a heavy duty vibrator and we vibrate all of our pilings. We install the pilings by vibrating them into the earth.  We find this installation method both effective and less detrimental to the environment.
Q. Do you put in sea walls? How is that done?

Sure. We use the highest grade vinyl available to install our Seawalls.

Q. What’s involved in getting property dredged?
A. That’s another permit. B. Prescott Marine Construction has a clamshell dredge that we use for dredging out slips and channels in the area. You have to have a spoil site for the material that is dredged and of course logistically you want that site to be close so the trucking fees (we load the spoil onto trucks) don’t get out of hand. In this area, dredging is allowed from October 1st thru the last day of March. There are circumstances dredging can be done at other times.
Q. I want a boathouse and a boatlift on my dock. Is that possible?
A. Absolutely.  B. Prescott Marine Construction can supply you with a boat lift and as well as building a cover for it.
Q. Hey I talked to a guy down the road and he told me he can start on it tomorrow. I really need it FAST.
A. Be careful what you wish for.


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